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Cee Fee Dunn has been working in the sports and fitness, personal training and well being sector for over 8 years. In that time she has amassed a broad range of experience, from traditional gym instructor roles and personal training to massage and holistic therapies, she has studied under some of the best, leading her to develop her 360 degree approach to fitness and personal well being.

Cee Fee’s leap into the well-being world was inspired by her own personal experiences. Formally an opera singer and promotional model, alongside working as a ski instructor in the winter, she found herself in industries where there was a lot of focus on body image. At the time her weight was fluctuating and she dealt with an eating disorder. That coupled with several injuries led her to decide to take control of her own body and mind for the better, and she set out to train as a personal trainer. Her journey took her from qualifying as a trainer, to discovering holistic therapies, life coaching learning about nutrition and becoming a masseuse.
Cee Fee Dunn #naturalborncavewoman - About Cee Fee Dunn
Cee Fee’s own personal journey has deeply influenced her approach to personal fitness and well being. She believes that coaching techniques should be tailored to the needs of the client, both physically and mentally, developing a personal approach that yields results. She focuses on creating a positive mind set and sees this as essential to any journey in physical training, this, coupled with a broad range of professional experience in a range of tried and tested techniques, including several of her own, has resulted in a supportive results driven service that clients love. (Read just some of the great testimonials clients have left her here).

Cee Fee has developed a diverse and varied client base which includes personal trainers, yoga teachers, ski instructors, rugby players, office workers, new mums, obese, osteopath referrals and professional athletes, through to those with no training experience at all. Most recently she has been working with a professional skier and a high performance skiff sailor preparing for the world championships in Sydney. Each and every client is different, and that is at the heart of the Cee Fee Dunn ethos.

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