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Bespoke Solutions
Cee Fee Dunn #naturalborncavewoman - Bespoke Solutions by Cee Fee Dunn Cee Fee’s bespoke solutions encompass a 360 degree approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. Working with you as a personal coach and mentor, Cee Fee spends time ascertaining your goals and discussing your needs with you, tuning into your requirements and then works in partnership with you to create a complete well being solution. Drawing from each of her different strands of expertise, including fitness training, nutritional guidance and diet planning, holistic therapies, sports massage and well being coaching, the bespoke service is tailored to each client’s needs, resulting in a personalised plan and support programme. Cee Fee is as involved as each client requires her to be at different times throughout the programme.
The bespoke offering can be tailored to individuals or families, using a holistic and informed approach to supporting your wellbeing needs, both physically and emotionally. The service is discreet and based at the clients home, ensuring you complete one on one attention. Each bespoke programme will be delivered alongside a client planner, allowing you to work towards your goals together with the help and support of a professional and dedicated coach.

The one on one focus that comes from our bespoke offering ensures your plan is targeted to your needs. Whether that requires a weekly visit or a daily catch up, you can be assured of the time and attention you need to achieve your health and well being goals. Each client is treated on a case by case basis, pushing you where you need it, providing guidance and supporting you each and every step of the way. Any other practitioners involved in your programme are hand selected to ensure the very best results catering for every aspect of your needs.

To book an initial consultation in complete confidence please contact us.

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