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"Having worked with several other personal trainers throughout the years I can categorically say Cee Fee has been the most understanding, knowledgeable and professional trainer I have used. The results have spoken for themselves and the training sessions were always positive and fun."

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Jon Elliot
"In 8 months I have lost over 3 and half stone and have turned my whole life around. I have come out of my shell and I feel like a new person. I have more energy now than ever and my relationship with my friends and partner has improved massively. I hope that anybody reading this will be inspired. I have allowed Cee Fee to post before and after pictures of me. If I can do it anybody can. Having Cee Fee in my life made me more determined than ever. She has made me see that I could feel and reach my goals as they were all within armís reach."

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Jade Hill
"Cee Fee was very quick to tune in to my personal goals and workout preferences and I started to see positive results within just 6 weeks of working with her as I started to lose weight, gain muscle definition and reduce my body fat. I enjoy our sessions because they are varied and not what I would describe as a typical or ďboringĒ workout.

I didnít really believe that working with a personal trainer would have much of an affect but I was so wrong! Iíve gained dramatic results. Iím happier than Iíve ever been with my body, fitness and overall health. And with that Iíve gained increased confidence. I wouldnít consider training with anyone else since witnessing Cee Feeís results."

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Tanya Mohamoodally
"Yes every week you do physically trash me but I wouldn't have it any other way, you make the training session so varied and interesting that it keeps me looking forward to the next session to see what you have in store for me. I look forward to many more sessions with you see you next week."

Tracey Franklin
Gymnastics Coach
"Cee Fee has been instrumental in helping me loose 9 stone. With her encouragement & guidance I have managed to keep it off.

She has a wicked sense of humour and is a fun person to be around, she is not just a personal trainer she is also a great friend and confidante. I always look forward to our training sessions.

The question remains do I think she is a good personal trainer? If I was to tell the truth the answer is noÖ I think sheís the greatest personal trainer ever.

Donít ever change Cee."

Rafaqat Hussain
"I have trained with Cee Fee for a year now and not only have I achieved an all round personal level of fitness; mentally I feel relaxed and more confident about myself, which has boosted my self-esteem.

She is thorough with her programmes, writes individually for each client and spends a lot of time preparing her sessions. Cee Feeís sessions are fun as well as challenging. She always knows when to push a lot harder, but also has patience and understanding when sometimes I find the tiredness and fatigue of my work takes over."

Kim Dyson
BA Cabin Crew
"Ever since working with Cee Fee my fitness levels have dramatically improved, due to well-organised and enjoyable sessions. With Cee Fee's help I am now able to enjoy working out using diverse ways of keeping fit."

Natalie Beagle

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